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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hello there!? I am not sure if anyone still reading my blog, but sincerely apologize for all these. I have not been updating my blog and lots of factors that causes me not to update my blog. First of all, I used to have bad Internet connection from home. No streamyx, can you imagine as a Programmer's life without any Internet connection? It's like taking away a chef's wok!

Not only that, I have to put the blame on Facebook for being such user friendly and ease of use(well, used to be) in whatever reason for me not to go blogging. Everyone seems to take part in Facebook and it's quite responsive! Putting comments to the picture we upload...it's so easy to communicate with friends. Ok, enough of promoting Facebook.

In fact, I have planned to quit blogging because I found myself doing other things more useful other than blogging. I am not saying blogging is something that's waste of time, but I just lost my interest to blog and will hope to see you guys in Facebook ;) Lazy to type? Lazy to think of a topic? hhmm...

I am not sure, probably I will be back blogging sometime in future. Anyway, cut the crap and see you guys in Facebook! Do add me ;)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy BuLL Year

Hoh hey! How's your first week of BuLL work? I guess everyone is working like a Bull. Don't try to be too Bull-oholic with your work, save some energy for Chinese New BuLL Year! For those who just started their school, I guess you had a "Booo Booo" week :p Hahaha...a post full of BuLL words.

Since this year everyone around the World is facing the impact of recession directly or indirectly, let's face them with faith. When a BuLL rush down a hill, it's going to be very fierce and without directions. Whoever hits by the BuLL, he will be definitely knocked out! This year, we have heard 1,500 local people who have been knocked out already. So, better count our blessing with our current job.

Though the BuLL is fierce, I will try to "pat pat" its shoulder and manoeuver it's horn with care....I guess the BuLL would allow me to ride on its back with peace ;)

See...it's quite tame if you know how to "manage" the BuLL well ;p


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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is the last day of year 2008. Are you ready to countdown with your friends and relatives or your family? As for me, I will be celebrating my last day of year 2008 at my church. Yes, I will be singing again on the stage. I need to prepare myself for singspiration practise at 7:30pm before the watch night service.

Oh well, I was supposed to post this before the year 2008 passed by me but...You can still see what I had wrote yesterday. Well, life just gets busier and busier and busier and busier! Anyway, wishing you all Happy New Year of year 2009 despite a crappy year of 2008.

For the year 2008, it has been really a busy and challenging year for me. So many things for me to plan and making sure they work out properly. My career, house, wedding, family...Sometimes I cry out to God to have mercy upon me. I felt so weary that I almost give up everything. Lucky enough that I did not suffer from depression.

Let's see how was my 2008...

Nothing much on the first month, other than the opening of "tHe Spring"?

Obviously it's Chinese New Year! This year, it will be on January according to the chinese calendar. It's going to be different this year as I am the one who is going to give out "ang pow" (red packet) instead of receiving anymore "ang pow".

I can see them coming again this year...In fact, it has already started few weeks ago. This is the saddest thing in Sibu everytime during Chinese New Year. The government can't seems to do much to help since Sibu's landscape is like a basin. It's no wonder houses in Kuching are getting more and more expensive, thanks to all the Sibu'ian(myself included, muahahaha).

I have flew to Aberdeen again for work. Right after that, I have to fly back to Sibu to attend my sister's wedding. After that fly back to Kuching to move into my new house. Sigh!

Before I bought this house in year 2007, I faced a lot of obstacles and objections from my family. The reason being that they believe or someone told them(I remembered they told me that guy is a lawyer and he knows a lot about the prices of houses - ya right!) that the prices of house will drop in year 2008. Well, the fact is the price keep increasing in year 2008! They even ask me to look for cheaper house since my salary was just alright for me to make monthly repayment. Well, in real life it's kind of difficult to achieve both good place with a cheaper price. When I say cheaper, I mean a lot cheaper. Ok, I am not FooChow...oopppss!

After praying so hard, and I wanted to prove to them that I was right. So I did it. Without prayer, all these things will not happen. Anyway, I moved into my house on March as I wanted to have more freedom rather than staying with my relatives. I am not saying I don't have freedom staying with my relatives but just that I am asking for more ;p

Nothing much on April other than getting some cosmetics on my car.

Nothing much...boring month...work work work?

Dang! I guess I had worked too hard and that's why I am suffering on the month of June. Doctor found two big sour plum seed gallstone in my gallbladder. I had my operation at Timberland Medical Center. I still keep my gallstone, do you want to have a look? *puke*

The symptoms of this sickness was vomit, diarrhea, fever and dizzy. I thought it was a food poisoning but doctor proves to me I was wrong. Lucky enough that I have my medical card from my company to pay the long list of bills. I am the first one in the company to use that medical card! hahaha...

I know time is running out, I have to prepare myself for my wedding! So the following months will be my busy month for my wedding~

We went to the Focus On The Family to understand some facts of Men and Women. Well, I was surprised to know all the women are actually the same~ ooppss...

My parents were here at kuching and I accompanied them to Sarawak Cultural Village.

...and nonetheless Beijing Olympic!

Nothing much on September, probably was busy preparing my wedding. I better be...

The bells ringing~

Company was sending me off to Dubai for a conference. It was a challenging and quite fun at the same time. Working closely with C.E.O will never be an easy trip. I have to think twice before I talk to him, else cut throat!

After that, me and my wife went to Singapore to have our holiday. It was meant to replace my wedding dinner with my relatives who couldn't make it on my actual day. So, we took this opportunity to pay a visit to Singapore ;)

When thinking about the month of December, what else can you think about? It's definitely about Christmas! Well, Christmas isn't Christmas for Christians...The actual meaning of Christmas for us is the born of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I went for the Christmas parade and thousands were there to join the parade. It's indeed the joy for the Lord.

Me: "Handsome or not? take like this ok ar?" Wife: "Cincai lahh...*snap photo*

Yeah, that was about it for my year of 2008. It's indeed a busy year for me isn't it? For the year of 2009, I wanted to have a slow and steady pace. It's definitely going to be even more challenging year. I pray to God to grant me wisdom and health and most importantly, rest! Rest is important because it will keep us going even further.

I know a lot of Big Things are going to happen again this year, but I just want to walk slowly and steadily this year. During watch night service at my church, Rev. Wong told us to stand still...slow down our pace. I know this is a message from God. He knows greater things are going to happen but...let us face it slow and steady!

Last but not least, may God bless you all in the year of 2009! You know why? because....Recession is coming to town~!!! hahaha...so keep hold your money tight!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dubai Trip

Hahaha...I am so surprised seeing myself blogging here. I think I need to put the blame to the Facebook for being so facebookly. It allows me to upload my pictures and notify my friends on my latest uploaded photos! Allows friends to comment on photos as well. It's so interactive until I find why do I need to blog? When I think about blogging, it's a bit waste of time...unless I am so free and find nothing else I can do. Well, blogging of course allow us to "talk" more than just photos lah :p

Alright, what's about Dubai? I have been involving myself in one of my company's main development project, namely WITSML. It's a kind of Markup Language standard that is agreed among the oil and gas company to transfer data from one service company to another. They will be having two conference a year just to keep up with the service company on what's the issue with the standard, what are the implementation issues, what's to improve on, what's to be removed and so on and so forth. Previously they were having the conference at europe and this time they make it at Dubai...and that's why I was there!

Travelling right after wedding is definitely going to be doomed. At one point you will feel wanted to travel since it's a company trip and all of the expenses are covered and what to say if you miss a trip to Dubai? At another point, you won't want to disappoint your wife by leaving her alone while you enjoy yourself at Dubai. Yes, you can say - "why don't you bring her along?". Alright, my policy is not to bring wife along when it's a company's trip as I want full concentration when I am at work(yeah right!). Ok, at least I think so :p Ok, enough of the saying...let's see what we have in Dubai!
I am staying at Media Rotana Hotel, somewhere at outskirt of Dubai. The hotel was launched a day before I arrived and the frontdesk told me that I am among the first 10 to check-in. Aiseh, started to feel good about it. Ok, guess what? The hot shower ain't working!!! I was shivering after the shower and asked them to fix it the next day. Sigh, do you call yourself a 5 star hotel? Give me a break.
hhmmm...at least they served me with a plate of fresh and juicy dates to cheer me up for free. This is not an ordinary dates, they were stuffed with different flavor. Love it! Oh yeah, Dubai is famous with their dates...

This is the place where the conference took place - The Westin. They include buffet lunch for us. Oh man, their buffet lunch was so heavy and so many choices. I wish I could finish tasting every each of the dish, it's just too many! This is also a 5 star hotel and of course their food has to be something lah...

We had a chill-out night with all the participants and we really enjoyed ourself with the companion of this beautiful scenery. Foods and wine were served during that night. 

Chill out and relax! 

This is my hotel from outside.

I went for a day tour with my colleague, William. I hope my boss won't mind about this after we had work so hard :p

Highest tower in the World - so far~

Dubai is full of sky rise buildings, it's more or less like Singapore - I mean more than Singapore ;)

Dubai airport.

Ok, now tell me how do you find Dubai? :p


p/s: Not enough of these photos? You can browse all the uncensored photos here.

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